Praise for Midnight Snacks are Murder (A Poppy McAllister Mystery)
by Libby Klein

This book has a lot of humor along with the mystery. I had a hard time putting the book down . . .
~Storeybook Reviews

Midnight Snacks are Murder will have you laughing the whole way through with Aunt Ginny and Georgina’s antics.
~The Avid Reader

A tightly-written narrative, strong supporting cast, and tons of humor combine to make Midnight Snacks Are Murder a thoroughly entertaining read.
~The Power of Words

You might just be cracking up while you ride along with Poppy as she tries to rein in her eccentric Aunt Ginny.
~My Reading Journeys

I absolutely adore the character of Poppy, a smart and sassy forty-something that loves desserts and coffee and has a nose for sleuthing.
~The Montana Bookaholic




A widow’s return to Cape May, New Jersey, has been murder in more ways than one.

Poppy McAllister’s already been mistakenly arrested for murder upon her return for a high school reunion (Class Reunions Are Murder, 2018). Now her eccentric Aunt Ginny is in trouble. Poppy, who’d never planned to stay around, has invested time and money in a scheme to turn Ginny’s Queen Anne Victorian into a B&B using her considerable baking skills to help finance the project by selling her yummy gluten-free items at a local coffee shop. Her contractor, Itty Bitty Smitty, whose war cry is “I can fix that,” is behind schedule for their grand opening, and his running battle with Poppy’s controlling mother-in-law, Georgina, who’s invested just enough to have a say, frays everyone’s nerves. Then suddenly Aunt Ginny, who’s taking some new pills, starts sleepwalking and bringing home odd objects she’s pinched from neighbors’ homes while helping herself to desserts. So when Brody Brandt, one of the neighbors, is found murdered, the police arrest Ginny, aka the “Snack Bandit.” Poppy, who’s certain that Ginny is innocent, sets out to find the guilty party while she juggles two boyfriends, her former high school sweetheart Tim, a chef, and handsome Gia, who owns the coffee shop where she plies her goods. Unhappy with her body image, she can’t convince herself that either really desires her. As she digs into Brandt’s background, she discovers a number of possible motives. Now if she can only keep Ginny out of trouble while she tracks down the real killer.

Lots of comical characters keep the chuckles coming as the determined Poppy solves a surprisingly difficult puzzle.

I so enjoyed this story. Libby Klein writes the character of Poppy with wonderfully warm, funny, and charming characteristics.
~The Girl with Book Lungs

Everything about this book appealed to me. I love it when stories make me laugh out loud and the characters seem like people I would want to be friends with. Ms. Klein has written a superb story and scores my first Paradise Rating, (deserves more than 5 stars) of 2018.
~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

To say that Class Reunions Are Murder is a great cozy mystery really doesn’t do it justice, for this story is refreshingly different and stands out in its genre.
~The Power of Words

The way the author describes things that many people go through like the weight issue really makes this book relate-able to many people. I think this is part of what makes this such a good book.
~A. Holland Reads

Amazing start to a brand new series. . . I was unable to put down I was laughing so hard. It was absolutely wonderful and I consider it a must-read for fans of the genre.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews

Several interwoven storylines add depth to the main characters, and Poppy’s attempts at self-improvement give Class Reunions Are Murder plenty of laugh out loud dialog and scenes.
~Book Club Librarian

This, the first book in the Poppy McAllister series, was a five star read for me. Maybe even 6. . . A well-thought-out mystery to top it all off kept me engrossed enough to finish this book in a single sitting.
~The Book’s the Thing

I was totally shocked by the ending which is what I like in a cozy, to be left guessing till the very end.
~Melina’s Book Blog

WOW, this book was awesome! Really, well done Libby Klein, on writing an outstanding book right out of the gate and knocking it out of the park with the first book in a new series!
~The Montana Bookaholic

Oh my gosh…I loved this book…LOVED IT! Poppy is the cozy mystery character I’ve been waiting for. She is smart and so funny.
~Brooke Blogs

This book had the feel of chick lit meets cozy mystery. It’s funny, heartwarming, romantic and mysterious. All blended together in one exciting story.
~Socrates’ Book Reviews…