Questions for Book Clubs

book club discussion

Midnight Snacks Are Murder

1. Poppy was foisted upon Aunt Ginny when she was very young. She had a lot of bitterness growing up having been abandoned by her mother, and when she got older she moved away. Now she’s returned and she has the chance to get to know Aunt Ginny as an adult. Do you see similarities between Aunt Ginny and Poppy? Do Poppy and Aunt Ginny see the similarities? How have your relationships changed as you’ve gotten older? What do you think of the adage that you can’t choose your family?

2. Poppy’s former mother-in-law is actively involved in Poppy’s life whether she wants her there or not. Why did you think Georgina was meddling in Poppy’s life? Did you opinion of Georgina change at the end? Have you ever had in-laws where the relationship changed through death or divorce? Where should the line be drawn with how much say your in-laws have in your life? 

3. Then there is Momma. Why is she so rude to Poppy? What should Poppy do about her? Should she cut ties with Gia and get out now because of his mother? Have you ever had a love interest with a close relative who made you miserable? Did that affect the outcome of your relationship? 

4. Poppy has an autoimmune disease that requires her to eat gluten free and encourages her to stick to a Paleo lifestyle. Do you have any food allergies, sensitivities or convictions? How has your life changed since being diagnosed? Can you identify with what Poppy is going through? Is it easy for you to eat out with friends or do you need to cook all your own meals? Poppy has enough trouble sticking to an extreme lifestyle change without other people trying to sabotage her efforts. Have you had trouble with family or friends not understanding that your diet is important to your health? 

5. We’ve all been through things in life that affect us deeply. We’ve probably all been hurt and abused in at least some small way. Sometimes we’ve been the hurtful one to someone else. Drugs and alcohol abuse affect the entire family. Have you ever had to reckon with a mistake you made in your past? How did you make it right with the abused party? There is a principle that to keep unforgiveness in your heart is like taking poison and hoping the other person gets sick. How do you let go and learn to forgive?


Class Reunions Are Murder

1. Poppy and her friends have a history of being bullied by the popular crowd. Were you ever bullied? How did you deal with it? What do you think about how Poppy and her friends dealt with it? Or maybe you were a bully. What do you think caused you to lash out at others that way? How do you feel about your actions now that you’re older? How did you like the ending dialogue between Poppy and Amber?

2. Poppy is a plus sized girl in an image conscious world who is learning body acceptance. She has put off doing many things because of her weight, and she’s had enough. She wants to enjoy her life at any size. Do you struggle with similar issues? What ways have you learned to accept yourself?

3. Poppy is learning to embrace love and second chances. What do you think about love the second time around? Are you still with your first love? If you’ve experienced love the second time around (or third or fourth) how has each time been different?