Questions for Book Clubs

book club discussion

1. Poppy and her friends have a history of being bullied by the popular crowd. Were you ever bullied? How did you deal with it? What do you think about how Poppy and her friends dealt with it? Or maybe you were a bully. What do you think caused you to lash out at others that way? How do you feel about your actions now that you’re older? How did you like the ending dialogue between Poppy and Amber?

2. Poppy is a plus sized girl in an image conscious world who is learning body acceptance. She has put off doing many things because of her weight, and she’s had enough. She wants to enjoy her life at any size. Do you struggle with similar issues? What ways have you learned to accept yourself?

3. Poppy is learning to embrace love and second chances. What do you think about love the second time around? Are you still with your first love? If you’ve experienced love the second time around (or third or fourth) how has each time been different?