Class Reunions Are Murder

Poppy McAllister is having a 40 year old funk.  Her life has not turned out quite the way she’d imagined. She’s recently widowed, with no marketable skills and an extra sixty pounds has crept up out of nowhere while she was living on cookies and frozen burritos. She’s been spending her nights on the couch with her black smoke Persian, Figaro, watching the Food Network and shopping the infomercials.

She’s coerced into visiting her Great Aunt Ginny’s in Cape May, NJ to attend her twentieth reunion, and help her best friend face off against two cheerleaders who bullied them throughout high school.

Her plans to get in, get out, and go home before being seen by the one who got away are interrupted when she stumbles upon the dead body of her greatest nemesis, and becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

Aunt Ginny proves to be a questionable sidekick when it comes to investigating, and to make matters worse, steamrolls Poppy into an appointment with a holistic doctor who prescribes the Paleo Diet to address Poppy’s health concerns.

Now Poppy’s stuck in Cape May while she tries to prove her innocence, get her life back on track, and stay one step ahead of a killer who’s determined to stop her from meddling.

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